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Tracking what matters to you!

Cellular tracking for anything with a battery. When activated by movement, information will be sent every 2 minutes(or 5, 10,30, 60 min, depending on your data plan choice). When stationary, information is sent every 4 hours. All information is stored in a database and evey day of the last 60(90, 120) days can be viewed with the click of a button. At any time the last location can be viewed or you can see the current location by choosing "Find Now" in the user console.

Know where your assets have been, where they are going and how fast they are moving.

Imagine your son, daughter, wife, grandfather, grandmother not knowing where they are when they need you or Not having a charged cell phone when they need help.

Imagine parking your car and having an uneasy feeling about leaving it there for long periods of time. With our device you can simpley choose "Secure Vehicle" and recieve text notification if someone triggers a motion sensor within the device. All devices come equiped with a back up battery that last for hours. In the event the power source to the device is disconnected, a text notification will be sent. Only 2 wires are required to power the device. Ease of use, simple design, Web site designed for the novice as well as an experienced web user. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your loved ones are ok and your employees on on the right track.